May 30 17

Ken & Emily Smith

“We travel with a lot of horses to a lot of shows. Having Equestrian Connect as a resource to do entries makes it all so much easier!”

May 30 17

Nicole Norris

“Equestrian Connect is a great resource to have in this industry!”

May 13 17

Don Stewart

“Being able to enter any USEF show through Equestrian Connect has been a game changer for our business and for the entire Hunter/Jumper industry!”

May 13 17

Blythe Karolyi

“Equestrian Connect has surely simplified the process of entering any horse show!”

Apr 20 17

Peter Lombardo

Equestrian Connect makes life easier!

Apr 12 17

Gregory Prince

Equestrian Connect has made the show entry process much easier and less time consuming than it used to be!

Apr 12 17

Kevin Babington

Entries are no longer the work that they used to be. Thanks!

Apr 3 17

Jenni Martin-McAllister

Equestrian Connect not only helps me, but it is a great addition to the industry.

Mar 27 17

Liza Richardson

“Time and time again, Equestrian Connect has simplified the entry process.”

Mar 23 17

Nick Haness

Equestrian connect enables the quick and easiest way to enter horse shows and makes my life of horse showing that much easier!