May 23 19

Equestrian Connect is Menlo Charity Horse Show’s Preferred Entry Partner

Betsy Glikbarg, Founder, Menlo Charity Horse Show

We are thrilled to announce that the 2019 Menlo Charity Horse Show will be accepting electronic entries submitted through Equestrian Connect. We are committed to enhancing our exhibitor services, and know that you will appreciate our streamlined entry process, which eliminates printing and overnight delivery services.

Equestrian Connect is a web-based entry service for doing horse show entries. This is our ninth year working together. As promised, again this year, you can submit your entries electronically via Equestrian Connect, with just a click of a button. Of course, you may also do them the old fashion way by mailing them in but we would love it if you choose to submit electronically.

The Menlo prize list and entry form will be officially available on Monday, May 27th at 7am Pacific time. Horse show management recommends you review your entry information and add or update credit card numbers, tax information and any other changes to ensure your data is ready to go prior to May 27th.

We strongly encourage you to use Equestrian Connect to streamline your entry process. It will save you time and money submitting your entries, and shorten your time at check-in. And you can use it to enter over 800 other shows in North America. Most California horse shows are now accepting entries electronically through Equestrian Connect, as are many shows across the country. We suggest you try it, and believe you will like it and be convinced of its value

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