Jan 9 12

Blenheim EquiSports: Exciting Opportunity

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY FOR EXHIBITORS: Equestrian Connect is offering a new service in 2012 – electronic entries submission. Until now, Equestrian Connect members could complete entry forms online, but then had to print, sign and mail them in. This new option reduces the time and expense associated with printing, faxing, overnight delivery and mail.

The Blenheim Winter Classic, January 13-15, 2012, will be the first beta test of the new electronic submission process. To see a demo or register to become a member, go to equestrianconnect.com.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Equestrian Connect members can submit their entries electronically via equestrianconnect.com. Blenheim Winter Classic entry fees can be paid in two ways:

1) To receive Blenheim’s prepaid discount via Equestrian Connect, please add credit card information in your MyAccount under the credit card tab. During Step 2 of the entry process, you will select the credit card to apply for each horse.

2) Submit entries online through Equestrian Connect and bring payment to the Blenheim show office when you arrive.

The Blenheim EquiSports Team

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